Joagro Safaris Tanzania

Has also invested in the community development activities such as cultural exchange programs between our clients and the local Communities as in home stays and visits for cultural experience, orphanage volunteerism as well as Youth and Women development programs as seminars and workshops on personal growth and development from social to economic spheres either as an individual or a group.

Joagro Safaris Tanzania do encourage the environmentally friendly activities (Ecotourism) to ensure the world sustainability from engaging the community or institutions that needs to experience Tanzania traditional dances, participate in sports with local communities aiming at connecting with families and nature while improving the living standards.

Education and Children support

Volunteer Teachers are given an opportunity to teach and get the authentic school experience with the aid of the local Tanzanian Teachers. Teaching comfortably will depend on your choice whether you want to teach children at primary schools or adults. You can teach music, computer, life skills, you can also contribute your energy into helping construction of schools as per your time.

The Teaching schedule is always from Monday to Friday with an adjustment depending on what else you would like to do with us. You can lead children in reading books, counting and playing some games. This is available for the minimum of two weeks with adjustment.

Environmental Conservation

Volunteers will have time to work in Tanzania environment as to conserve the world biodiversity in Tanzania. You can volunteer in community cleanliness activities, development of teaching tools and visiting lectures, support for development of new materials, global warming countermeasures, recycling of resources and planting trees. These programs are available for the minimum of two weeks with adjustment.

The conservation schedule is conducted from every morning from Monday to Friday followed by short trips to see some really other part of the Tanzania environment. You will get an opportunity to speak in conferences, seminars and workshops relating to environment including organizing as well. The program is adjustable as well depending on the schedule like personal timetable to do other activities as well as national holidays.


Differentiate Through New Services

The program is directed to women and youth who are the agent of development in many communities that they need life skills education as well as entrepreneurship. This program is tailored toward the need of the Volunteers with passion for Women and youth with adjustable schedule as most of them are working in clubs and groups where it is easy to have them at once. You can volunteer in basket weaving, making traditional attires, arts and paintings and other handcrafts. This one has no special volunteering time depends on the volunteers wish. This program is available for the Minimum of two weeks.

Exchange programs

This is mainly tailored for the students and Academicians who are looking for an opportunity to whether conduct researches or volunteer as the guest visitors with the purpose including linked to Schools and Universities to make your classes local. You might be interested in learning the Tanzania traditional dances and lifestyle.

The volunteer package is tailored to the interested Personnel who are really looking into achieving the best experience in Tanzania. We are looking forward into arranging your happiness. The duration of this program depends on your time.

Night parties in Arusha

During your Time in Arusha you will have time to experience different activities of the Local Communities without forgetting to see Arusha by night.

JOAGRO SAFARIS TANZANIA Volunteer program run from two weeks to 12 months with renewal with the small program fee which includes application fee, placement booking, food and accommodation.


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