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Our Photography Safari feature the beautiful sceneries of Tanzania including culture without forgetting the astonishing sanctuaries which are Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park which are well known for the great wildebeest Migration and a host to large and small predators like Cheetahs, Leopards, Janet cats, Hyenas and Jackal.


The list of what to Bring for Photographic Safari?   



I recommend you have the SLR Camera (s) for onsite photographing and freeze the moments in the wild with compatible lenses.




Extra Battery and Chargers

This is to easy and capture beautiful moments as most Safari jeeps are equipped with charging system for the lost day in the wild to come out with ideal footages.





Don’t limit to the type of shots you are expecting by your lenses rather have a wide range of lenses for flexibility from Macro to Micro. A 400mm telephoto lens would be ideal, a 500mm even better and a 300mm would be a minimum requirement. I would recommend you have the following:

  • ultra wide often including fish-eye: e.g. 14 – 24mm zoom, 20mm prime, 16mm fish-eye
  • wide to normal: 24 – 70mm zoom, 50mm prime
  • short telephoto: 70 – 200mm zoom
  • macro: 60, 105, 180 or 200mm
  • medium telephoto: 200-400 zoom or 300mm prime
  • long telephoto: 400, 500 or 600mm prime



Laptops are used for storing and transferring footage from the Camera SD card for easy photographing and image storage in a safe model. Images are also transferred to the external hard disc as clearing the SD cards.



Card readers

If your laptop does not have the card reader slot, make sure you carry one or any lead connect to your camera for easy transfer of images.




Filters are ideal when shooting in extremely bright, sunny conditions as they help to balance the light.



Memory Cards

Take plenty of memory cards – especially if you are shooting RAW images as they usually big file sizes around 18Mb per image.




Cloth to clean lenses

A piece of cloth is more important as butterflies and dust may have stuck on the lens and grabbing it with hands is a mess. So have one for ideal cleaning for stunning images.



Bean bag for stability

A small beanbag cushion is an ideal accessory for wildlife Photographer on game drives. It helps with stability (and preventing damage) when propping up long lenses on jeep windows and rooftops, where it’s not practical to use a tripod.



Before taking a step photographing you must spot them first to be able to know what kinds of animals are and possible angles to cover.



 Wide Safari Brim Hat

Instead of wearing sunglasses, brim hat will offer your face a shade for relaxation to get ideal and accurate images


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