7 Days of Cultural Walking and Biking Tours

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Low Season(April-May) $1410 $1055 $980
Mid-Season(Other Months) $1451 $1110 $987
High Season(July-August+End of December to Mid-January) $1498 $1150 $1023

NOTE: Above price is per person

Price Includes:
Airport Pick up and drop off
Camping fees
Pick up/drop off from the Airport
Accommodation before and after safari
Walking safari
Bicycles and safety gears with a local tour guide
Bicycles and safety gears with a local tour guide
Campsites fee according to the program
Chef/Meals as per the above itinerary
Complimentary bottled of drinking water 1.5 litter per person per day during the tour
Hotel accommodation on your arrival with bed & breakfast
Tour Price Excludes:
Airport departure Tax apart from the one we arranged
Personal & baggage insurance
Balloon Safari
laundry services
Optional travel insurance
Health requirements (you are entering a Malaria area)
Medical and trip cancellation insurance
Excess baggage or shipping charges
Tips or Gratitude
Personal Toiletries and items of a personal nature
International flights
Optional activities/excursions
Any other extras not detailed in the above itinerary

What you need to bring:-
Personal spending money
Additional toiletries: – toilet paper, bathing soap and Towels mainly for camping Safaris
Bathroom slippers for camping Safaris or we can arrange one for you
Insect repellent.
Enough film for your cameras and chargers for type D and G Sockets
Light clothes for day wear
Warm jacket/pullover/sweat-shirt/fleece for the chilly evenings and mornings
Sneakers, walking boots or sandals.



Day 01: Arriva at Kilimanjaro Airport

Met on arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport or Arusha Airport. Transfer to Tulia Boutique for dinner and overnight HB. (45 km, 50 minutes)
• MEALS: Dinner and Overnight HB
• ACCOMMODATION: Tulia Boutique


DAY 02: Local Market visit (Oldonyosambu)

On this day you will wake up at around 8:30 for breakfast and then prepare to leave to Oldonyosambu for market visit. At the Oldonyosambu market you will be able to move around and learn about the Maasai marketing styles. During the afternoon there will be lunch at the market where you can buy the local made food. You will learn how to bargain on products as well as visiting the open air livestock auction where you can enjoy the movements of Cows, goats and sheep and later on descend back to the hostel for a chill night.
• MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
• ACCOMMODATION: Camping at Engikaret Village


DAY 03 & 04: Biking to Lengijave and camp overnight under the African Stars with a little BBQ

This will be another day full of experiences after the first day of a market walk as an act os stretching muscles ready for this day. We will wake up early around 7:00am and have breakfast. Soon after the breakfast we will be biking to the interior part of the community in a place called lengijave (Cold Zone) which is 9 km from the starting point in Ngaramtoni Village. We will then have lunch at the Camp in lengijave where will spend the entire evening there with the Maasai community learning on the grazing skills and values of livestock to the entire community including the general Maasai culture which will be questions and answers session till 8:00pm. After the hot discussion on the lifestyle we will lit a bone fire where we can sit around and make a BBQ as part of learning the Local cooking ways. We will then spend the night over the African stars. The next morning will start by a heavy Soup with an option on traditional Maasai medicine for different kinds of diseases that will then be followed by a bit of hiking while our
bicycles are in the camp. At around 3:15pm we will be biking back to our point at Ngaramtoni and rest after full days of experiences.
• MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
• ACCOMMODATION: Camping at Lengijave


DAY 05: Walking tour to a Maasai Community

This day walking tour will be a huge relief after two days of full experiences. We will wake up at around 9:20am for breakfast and start a walking tour to the Maasai community for four hours and back to our hostel for more relaxation ready for day five.
• MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
• ACCOMMODATION: Camping at Lengijave Village


DAY 06: Arusha City tour (Morning to noon before it is too sunny) and Traditional dance from 6:30 to 9:00 accompanied by traditional African stories

The tour will start by visiting special places in Arusha which are Clock tower as the midpoint between Cairo and Cape town followed by a dance at night as part connecting to the African traditions and dance.
• MEALS: Dinner and Overnight HB
• ACCOMMODATION: Tulia Boutique


DAY 07: End a day at a hot spring as part of relaxing after all rough, tough and enjoyable days of experiences.

After all days of experiences in Walking, biking and cultural experiences we will drive to the hot spring in between Arusha and Kilimanjaro where we can swim and leave the tiredness of all these days in the spring. Around the Hot spring there are simple restaurants where you can buy water and other drinks in case you are interested on.
• MEALS: Dinner and Overnight HB
• ACCOMMODATION: Tulia Boutique


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