Self-Drive Safari Car hire in Arusha Tanzania

Self Drive Car Hire in Arusha Tanzania 

Self-drive safari car hire in Arusha, Tanzania, is designed to allow friends, families, couples, and even siblings to drive the safari jeep on their own in diverse tourist attractions to experience Africa in a self-drive model ranging from 4 days of safari. The car is customized for your wildlife exploration and easy photographing. This can also be specifically for research or a road trip, all starting from Arusha or Kilimanjaro Airport. These are 4×4 Manual, four-seat, Diesel with a huge fuel tank mounting to 160 liters. Self drive safari car hire means that you will take care of your entry fees, food, and fuel unless otherwise advised. 

Our Vehicles

Toyota Land Cruisers, both pop-up and not, and Toyota Rav4s make up our fleet. They are both 4×4 cars suitable for African Savannah lands. Our cars are well maintained with regular services to help you get the most out of your experience in Tanzania.

Toyota Land cruiser short with a pop up roof (4 Seater)
self drive car hire

Self drive safari car hire in Arusha Tanzania

The car is equipped with a charging system, a small refrigerator for cold drinks, and an open roof. When the tent is mounted on the roof, it means the roof will not be in use unless the small one, which is on the drive’s head side, is.


1-5 Days USD 140

5-9 Days USD 130

9+ USD Days 120

Toyota Land cruiser long base (6 seater)

The car is customized for your wildlife exploration and easy photographing. These are 4×4 Manual, 6-seat, diesel with a huge fuel tank mounting to 160 liters.

1-5 Days USD 220

5-9 Days USD 210

9+Days USD 200


Toyota Rav4

For short trips outside the parks in northern Tanzania, the Toyota Rav4 is the best option. Toyota captures this spirit in the seemingly random RAV4 name, which actually means “Recreational Active Vehicle with 4WD.” It is a 4×4 full-time drive vehicle that is suitable for self-drive car rental services. 

The current RAV4 has compact dimensions and seats up to four people without Camping gears. This type of vehicle is not allowed for explorations to Serengeti National Park, Lake Natron and Selous National Park.

Price quoted are per car per day

1-5 Days USD 75

5-9 Days USD 68

9+ Days USD 60


Advantages of a self-drive safari
  • It is cheaper than a guided safari.
  • Unlimited Kilometers
  • Uppermost Flexibility
What are the costs of a self-drive safari?
  • Fuel based on your routes
  • Accommodations
  • If you go to some parks, you have to pay some fees.
Rent a car with a driver-guide

All our drivers are fully trained guides with encyclopedic knowledge about Tanzania and the procedures for all the tourist destinations. Renting a car with a driver-guide is a great advantage, as it saves time looking for a specific attraction and does the paperwork if needed. A driver guide costs USD 38 per day, which covers his meals and lodging while on tour, so you should not include him in your meal plans unless it is necessary. Safari drivers are chefs as well, so if you will be in need of a chef driver, the allowance will be USD 60 per day.

Day trip to Arusha National Park
  • No A/C
  • Not new
  • Comprise of Music system for your long drives
  • Unlimited Kilometers
Tanzania Camping fees 2023/2024
  • Public campsites managed by TANAPA cost $ 35.40 per person/night.
  • Special campsites costs $59 per person/night.
  • Campsites outside a national park typically costs around $5 – 15 / tent. 




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