Enduimet Wildlife Management Area Tanzania

Enduimet is a wildlife Managed Area (WMA) which lies in Olmolog and Tinga Tinga wards in the West Kilimanjaro Basin of Longido District. It is bordered with Kilimanjaro National Park on the South-East, while on the North, it boarders the Tanzania-Kenya political boundary. On the west side, the WMA borders with Ngasurai Open Area. Enduimet is close to west Kilimanjaro it is about 20km from the WMA center.

Enduimet is established in 2003 surrounded by 9 villages that together forms the wildlife Managed Area (WMA)

Animals in Enduimet

The Enduimet WMA hosts variety of wild species which includes: –

  • Elephant (often)
  • Buffalo (often)
  • Giraffe (often)
  • Leopard
  • Oryx
  • Lesser Kudu
  • Eland,
  • Gerenuk
  • Klipspringer
  • Hartebeest
  • Bushbuck
  • Wildebeest
  • Bushbuck
  • Hyena
  • Thomson Gazelle and
  • Grants Gazelle and other small animals.

Ecologically, it acts as connectivity between the Mkomazi National Park, Arusha, Kilimanjaro National Parks and Tsavo ecosystem.


Enduimet WMA can be accessed using various roads;

  1.  A gravel road from Bomang’ombe through Sanya Juu and Engare Nairobi to Rongai,
  2. Rough road from Arusha-Namanga road junction at Longido village to Sinya, Ngereiyani and Tingatinga.

Activities in Enduimet wildlife management area Tanzania?


Hike through the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro with a local Maasai warrior. See the diverse wildlife native to Enduimet such as zebras, giraffes, gazelles, and depending on the time of day some rare animals. The bird life is active and plentiful so don’t forget to grab your binoculars!


Grab a bike and head out on an adventure. Choose between a short bike ride or a full day of cycling. The difficulty levels range but nonetheless it’s a unique experience. Just you and your bike maybe a few zebras and antelopes!

Game Driving

Jump into an open-topped safari vehicle and head across the plains of Enduimet to view wildlife and diverse bird population in the vast landscapes below Kilimanjaro. Seek out special species native to Enduimet like Gerenuks, Lesser-kudu, or Oryx. Busy during the day? That’s okay night drives can easily be arranged.

Donkey Trekking

Enduimet offers bushwalking treks and expeditions. Go places where cars can’t go and explore the landscapes off the beaten path. All while experienced donkeys carry your food and equipment across the rough terrain supervised by a Maasai guide

Visit Maasai Tribe

At Enduimet, we are proud to have the authentic Maasai experience, as they have done for many years. Visit a boma and immerse yourself in their daily routine by: milking a cow, walking 3 kilometers to fetch water or firewood, and preparing a meal. In addition, Enduimet is one of the only places where you can see a hand dug water well which connect the community by bringing water collection points closer to the village. At Enduimet you’ll experience the culture of the people!

Visit the Kenyan-Tanzanian border

Because Enduimet wildlife Management Area (WMA) lies so close to Kenya, you can easily pay a visit to the official border between Tanzania and Kenya. The border is marked by the concrete blocks in the the edge of Enduimet. You will be taken through the history of the area and get to know step between Tanzania and Kenya.


A short Video unpacking Enduimet Wildlife Management Area.



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