Hiring and Self-Driving a Safari Vehicle in Arusha, Tanzania 

Hiring and Self-Driving a Safari Vehicle

Hiring and Self-Driving a Safari Vehicle in Arusha, Tanzania

The self-drive safari car hire arrangement in Arusha, Tanzania, is specially tailored to allow small groups of adventure enthusiasts to hire and drive a safari jeep of their choice as they explore the breathtaking country of Tanzania.

It is designed for couples, families or siblings, and friends who opt for a self-drive arrangement as they undertake a safari, research project, or adventure road trip, starting from Arusha Airport or Kilimanjaro International Airport to the destination of their choice.

This setup undoubtedly enhances the Tanzania safari experience a great deal; the guests make their own tailored adventure programmes.

The duration of the car hire ranges from 4 days of safari, if the guests are not going up to Serengeti. For those planning to visit Ngorongoro and Serengeti, the number of days could be more.

Self-drive safari car hire means that guests will take care of expenses such as park entry fees, food, and fuel, unless advised and agreed otherwise.


Is your heart on fire

Yearning for a car hire

That will let you self-drive?


Does your kind of tour adventure thrive

On conquering Africa’s wild, including the hills or mire?

Is your yearning for such a safari so dire?


If that is what you desire,

Then let us have a chat.

We do provide that!

Types of Our Safari Fleet of Vehicles

Our robust, well maintained and safari-customized vehicles are 4×4 manual transmission diesel engines, suitable for conquering the challenging but exciting African wild terrain, and they are mounted with two huge 80 litre tanks, making them capable of holding a maximum total of 160 litres of fuel.

They are customized in such a way that visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of wild Tanzania and capture the magical moments on camera, through the wide windows and the roof which could be opened. The vehicles are modified with the photography enthusiast in mind, and the interior is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate our esteemed guests.

At Joagro Safaris Tanzania, we have Toyota Land Cruisers, which come either as a short four-seater or the extended longer six-seater. Furthermore, our guests can opt for one with either a ‘pop-up’ roof or a tented one.

The Toyota Rav4 also forms part of our fleet, although it is for tours that do not require venturing in the deep wilderness. It is suitable for tours in the peri urban areas and those attractions which are situated in less challenging terrains.

Our vehicles are maintained in top-notch conditions and regularly serviced to provide our esteemed clientele with an awesome and memorable experience as they navigate through the captivating country of Tanzania.

Toyota Land Cruiser_ Short 4-Seater with a “Pop up’ Roof

This customised Land Cruiser is equipped with a charging system for phones and cameras, a small refrigerator for cooling some drinks, and a ‘pop up’ roof, meaning that the roof could be opened to accord guests a panoramic view.

However, when the tent is mounted on the roof, it will mean the main roof cannot be opened or popped up and, in this case, only the small roof above the driver’s seat will be able to be opened. Therefore, guests that would like to utilize the ‘pop up’ roof may consider using the dome tents which could be pitched on the ground.

This diesel propelled safari vehicle is a 4×4 manual transmission engine with two fuel tanks; each tank holding a maximum of 80 litres.

This Land Cruiser is a typical road bruiser capable of venturing into Tanzania’s wild bowels with relative ease.

The rates for this safari vehicle are: 

1-5 days, USD 172 per day

5-9 days, USD 154 per day

9+ days, USD 147 per day


Toyota Land Cruiser_ Long 6-Seater

This type of off-roader is customized for a memorable wildlife exploration experience and easy capturing of the magical moments through photography.

This Land Cruiser is an African all-terrain tamer! Sturdy, with a great clearance, perfect for bruising the wild landscapes as it goes cruising through the spectacular sceneries.

It is an extended 6-seater, 4×4 manual transmission diesel engine, with a fuel holding capacity of 160 litres.

The vehicle is equipped with a charging system, a small refrigerator and has enough space for the guests’ comfort.

The roof is a ‘pop up’ one, and the windows are big enough to allow passengers have a clear and all-round view of the surroundings.

It is a perfect jeep for a safari trip!

The rates for this safari vehicle are:

1-5 days, USD 250 per day

5-9 days, USD 220 per day

9+ days, USD 220 per day


Toyota Rav4

The Rav4 is a compact all-terrain vehicle which comfortably seats up to four people without camping gear. It is a comfortable medium sized SUV which is a pleasure to drive.

This type of vehicle is not permitted for safaris in Serengeti National Park, Lake Natron and Selous National Park. Therefore, it is ideal for short trips outside the national parks.

This vehicle is relatively cheaper in terms of fuel but the performance is superb; a testimony to its name, ‘Recreational Active Vehicle with 4WD’. It is a full-time 4×4 suitable for exploratory road trips.

Although not recommended for safaris that demand going deep in the wilderness, the Rav4 is perfect for tours of places such as the Arusha National Park, Napuru Falls, Maasai Snake Park, the Cultural Heritage Museum, Lake Duluti, Chemka Hotsprings, and the crater lake of Challa, among the many tourist sites found in Arusha and the surrounding districts and cities.

It is great to rev off in the Rav4 on a Tanzania tour!

The rates for this safari vehicle are:

1-5 days, USD 75 per day

5-9 days, USD 68 per day

9+ days, USD 60 per day


Benefits of a Self-Drive Safari

  • Relatively cheaper than a guided safari.
  • Unlimited mileage as the guests’ options and budget gives them flexibility of movements.
  • Uppermost flexibility and enhanced safari experience.
  • Guest is in charge of the safari itinerary.

Downsides of a Self-Drive Safari

  • Fuel expenses borne by the guest and based on chosen routes and destinations.
  • Accommodation and food expenses are met by the guest.
  • Fees, such as entry fees in parks and others will have to be paid by the guests.
  • Driver would miss the maximum opportunity of viewing and capturing the beautiful surrounding.

Guide-Driver Driven Safari Vehicle Hire Option

All of Joagro Safaris Limited’s competent drivers are fully and appropriately trained guides with encyclopaedic knowledge about Tanzania, and they are well versed with procedures and itineraries for all the tourist destinations.

Renting a car with a driver cum guide has great advantages, as it saves the guest’s time of searching for specific attractions and doing the required paperwork.

A driver cum guide safari also entails that the guests have enough time for unfettered views of the tourist attractions and they get to learn about the spectacular sites and events from someone who is very knowledgeable in those aspects.

A driver guide costs USD 38 per day, which covers his meals and lodging while on tour, so he is not included in the guests’ meal plans, unless it is necessary.

Safari drivers are chefs as well, so if there is need of a chef-driver, the allowance for him will be USD 60 per day.

The guest remains in charge while the driver cum guide facilitates the smooth flow of the expedition.


Kindly take note of the following about our safari vehicles.

  • No A/C (air-conditioning)
  • Not brand new but sufficiently sturdy for Africa’s wilderness
  • Comprise of Music system for your long drives
  • Unlimited mileage

Tanzania Camping fees for 2023/2024

  • Public campsites managed by TANAPA cost $ 35.40 per person per night.
  • Special campsites costs $59 per person per night.
  • Campsites outside a national park typically costs around $5 – 15 per tent.

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